3 Ways to Make Your Clothing Look More Expensive


Clothing trends can change on a dime, which is why you might find it hard to keep up occasionally. Whether you are drooling over seersucker blazers for summertime or you can't wait to get your hands on a pair of perfectly ripped jeans, you don't have to be rich to look like you are. Here are three ways to make your clothing look more expensive without actually spending a lot of money.



1. Invest in Professional Tailoring


If you were to perform a definitive study of the lifestyle trends of the rich and famous, you might notice one service that stands out above all the rest: professional tailoring. Since clothing tends to look better when it fits the contours of your body, most celebrities and A-listers have a tailor they rely on to nip, tuck, and fit their favorite clothes.


In addition to hemming pants to grace the tops of your shoes perfectly, tailors can also help with things like embroidery removal, lace repair, and length alterations for dresses, sleeves, and skirts. By taking the time to talk with a tailor, you can make sure that your favorite outfit highlights the positive aspects of your body, while hiding areas you find undesirable.


Professional seamstresses can also help with custom clothing creation, oftentimes for much less than you might think. In addition to creating custom suits and gowns to meet your exact preferences, seamstresses can also add in special touches to make clothing more functional. For instance, you might request an extra pocket or additional stitching along seams where you typically notice the most wear.


Although many people are tempted to try their hand at tailoring, at-home sewing projects are a recipe for ruining a great outfit. However, by taking items to a professional tailor, you can protect them from damage while customizing them for your body.



2. Add a Few Accessories


After you have an outfit that cinches in your waist and makes your legs look long and lean, consider adding a touch of sparkly by investing in a few accessories. Men can adorn their outfits with things like high-end watches and interesting cufflinks, while women can make themselves stand out by adding scarves, bracelets, necklaces, cocktail rings, and even coordinating hats.


When you add accessories, make sure to focus on making one thing the star of the show, while simultaneously underplaying the rest of your look. For instance, if you decide to pair a statement necklace with a fitted sheath dress, don't add large earrings or a bulky bracelet to the look.


While adding the right accessories can make your look more interesting, overdoing the additions could make you appear overdone. Remember that additions like eyeglasses and watches are considered accessories, so if you wear these items day after day, think about mixing things up by investing in some secondary pieces.



3. Update Your Outerwear


The right outerwear can make you look more polished, so consider adding a great silk kimono during summer or a pressed jacket for fall. If you go out in the early morning, throw on a fitted motorcycle jacket over your workout clothes to give your look an instant boost. Remember, a great, fitted raincoat can cover up less expensive clothing while keeping you clean and dry during those afternoon showers.


As you update your outerwear, look for highly functional pieces that will work with a wide variety of your existing outfits. Colors like black, cream, and navy work with a range of different outfit combinations, making it easy to dress up just about any look.


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